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NZ Regionals IYSFF Young Filmmakers Workshops

Monday 17 July to Friday 21 July

Family Friendly


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Monday 17 July 9:00am
Wednesday 19 July 9:00am
Thursday 20 July 9:00am
Friday 21 July 9:00am


X Space, Baycourt


Last year we had a very successful one day young filmmakers workshop in preparation for the inaugural 2016 NZ Regionals of the International Youth Silent Film Festival. This year we are expanding it to four days so that the students get to actually make a silent film together, this process will set them up to then create their own film to enter into the IYSFF NZ Regionals 2017. 

The tutors for the four day workshops are Anton Steel, Bay of Plenty Film General Manager, who has worked as a Director, 1st Assistant Director and Producer for over 20 years.  Tanya Horo founder and Talent Manager of TMH Management who is a celebrated artist with more than 15 years experience as an actor, singer and writer and other specialist tutors in art direction and editing.

You can choose specific days to attend but attending the full week will take you from the beginning of the film making process right to the end…you will collaborate through job sharing processes and together you will make a silent film. 

Day One (Monday 17 July 9am – 4pm): Writing the first draft of your silent film  

  • An interactive day on scriptwriting. Shaping your own script to the IYSFF musical tracks and a classic 3 act film structure

Day Two (Wednesday 19 July 9am – 4pm): Prepping your short film

  • Casting, rehearsing actors, sourcing props and planning your shoot. The tutors will run through the preparations for the silent film in which the students will work on the following day

Day Three (Thursday 20 July 9am – 4pm): Learning on the job – shooting a short film

  • Shooting the film. The students will be guided by the tutors and shoot the silent film taking turns in directing, shoot shots and in the art department as well as possible featuring in the film

Day Four (Friday 21 July 9am – 4pm): Editing – Putting the jigsaw puzzle together

  • There are 3 films you make. The film you write, the film you shoot and the film you edit. At 4 different work stations you will edit the footage from the previous days shoot. At the end of the day we will screen the final film for parents.

There are only 30 places available so you better get in quick!


Student per single day: $42.00
Four day package :$148.00
Filmmakers who entered a film in 2016 NZ Regionals per single day: $40.00
Four day package: $140.00
Attendees from last years workshop per single day: $35.00
Four day package: $120.00

Each four day package saves you $20