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The Nukes

Thursday 02 March

Family Friendly


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Thursday 02 March 7:30pm


Baycourt X Space


Rollicking and rolling out of the woolliest corners of Auckland's wild west, it's, The Nukes, New Zealand's most feared and revered original ukulele trio.

Comprised of Dave "Fingers of fire" Parker, David "Snapper" Thiele and Benjamin "Country boy" Collier, The Nukes have a reputation for reckless and riveting live shows where a fine blend of folk, bluegrass, reggae and post punk is coaxed and beaten out of three innocent wee ukuleles.


Adult: $25.00
Children (14 yrs & under): $15.00
Senior or Unwaged: $22.00
Students with ID: $15.00
F.O.B Members: $20.00

The Nukes - Coming to Baycourt, 2 March 2017 from Baycourt Community & Arts Centre on Vimeo.