Baycourt History

Launched in conjunction with Baycourt’s 40th anniversary, this collaboration with Tauranga-based Supercut Projects is a web-based digital experience that tells the story of Baycourt Community and Arts Centre. 

The experience will take you through the story of Baycourt’s pre-history, the grand opening by the now-King Charles III and Princess Diana, the impressive names that have crossed the theatre stage and the people that have worked tirelessly to make Baycourt a second home for so many creatives over the decades.

The theme of Baycourt’s 40th anniversary was “ka mua, ka muri”, a whakataukī (proverb) about the value of looking to the past to inform the future. The B40: Digital Experience is a valuable resource that acknowledges and celebrates the past four decades as we look ahead to the next forty years.

Visit the B40: Digital Experience

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