Addison Theatre

The elegant Addison Theatre is Baycourt’s show-stopping centrepiece.

It has tiered seating for 582 patrons and an expansive stage measuring 14m wide by 11m deep. This grand space has witnessed a diverse range of local, national and international performances over the years and continues to impress those who walk through its doors.

The theatre has full counterweighted flying capabilities, professional audio and lighting equipment, an orchestra pit, dressing rooms with showers and toilets, plus a stage-length dressing room that can be divided into three separate spaces. 

Baycourt also has two Terrace rooms that have direct external building access and backstage access, making them ideal extra dressing rooms or a green room when required.

The Addison Theatre is fully air conditioned, has easy access for people with disabilities and a loop system for the hearing impaired.

The Addison Theatre has the following features:

  • Full 52 line counterweighted fly system with 190mm centres
  • Custom designed Adamson IS-Series 3-way system with excellent sound clarity and even SPL no matter where you sit in the theatre
  • Multiple sound desks, available in both standard and digital formats
  • Side fill speakers for on-stage play back
  • Pre-rigged comprehensive lighting square rig comprising face light, specials, overhead, side light, cyc washes and gobo washes. Sixty of these fittings are included in the standard venue rental charge, and extra fittings are available including scrollers and moving lights
  • Unraked stage measuring 14m wide by 11m deep
  • Orchestra pit 2m below stage level, measuring 12m wide by 3.5m deep
  • A full range of microphones including wireless
  • Backstage communications equipment including show relays and stage monitors
  • Two star dressing rooms and three multipurpose rooms with toilets and showers

Our team is happy to accommodate any special requirements so please feel free to discuss your needs with us.
For more information, or to hire the venue, please contact Baycourt's Event Coordinator

Addison Theatre

Addison Theatre