Parking and transport

Baycourt Community & Arts Centre is located at 38 Durham Street, right in the heart of Tauranga's city centre. 

We totally get it – finding a convenient parking spot can sometimes be a bit of a puzzle, especially with all the exciting changes happening in Tauranga as part of the current revitalisation/redevelopment in the city centre. But fret not, we’ve got you covered with some handy information to help make your next trip to Baycourt as simple as possible.

Whilst we’ve done our best to summarise the parking options in and around Baycourt, there may be times when we don’t quite have our finger on the pulse. If you’re ever in doubt, we recommend you visit the Tauranga City Council website – they have all the latest info on parking, road closures etc. 

Box Office Parking 

If you are popping in to Baycourt to book tickets for an upcoming show, there are three off-street parking spaces you can use directly outside our front entrance. There’s a 15-minute limit on these parks, but that’s plenty of time for you to secure tickets to your next live event experience at Baycourt!

On Street Parking

It's important you know that the handful of on-street car parks on Durham Street (right outside Baycourt) are now temporary bus stops.

If you find an on-street car park close to Baycourt, be mindful that hourly rates apply during the weekdays between 8am and 5pm, but in the evenings and weekends (when many of our shows and events take place), parking is free.

Hourly rates are listed on all parking machines, and in the PayMyPark app. If you need more information about hourly rates, check out Tauranga City Council's 'Parking Fees' webpage.

Parking Buildings & Off Street Parking

The closest car park to Baycourt is the ‘TV3 Rooftop’ car park on the corner of Wharf and Durham Streets. Whilst there are limited spaces, its free during weekday evenings (after 5pm) and on weekends and public holidays too. Hourly rates apply during weekdays from 8am to 5pm.

Many of our patrons have found the Spring Street Parking Building on Durham Street, opposite the University of Waikato campus, to be the most convenient place to park. The building is open 24/7 and is a short five-minute walk from Baycourt. Hourly rates apply on weekdays but its free on weekends and public holidays.

  • For more information about costs, visit the Tauranga City Council's 'Parking Fees' webpage.

Mobility Parking

There are two mobility parks directly outside Baycourt, on Durham Street. If those two spots are in use when you visit us, there are other mobility parks within close distance to Baycourt which you will find on:

  • Hamilton Street next to Durham Street Court Motor Inn (Cameron Road end)
  • Hamilton Street outside Foot Mechanics Tauranga (Willow Street end)
  • Corner of Cameron Road and McLean Street next to the Tauranga District Court
  • Willow Street near The Nourished Eatery

For more information about mobility parking, visit Tauranga City Council's 'Mobility Parking' webpage.


Sometimes the easiest way to avoid the stress of finding a car park is to leave your vehicle at home and jump on a bus (when convenient of course!). The buses in Tauranga are called ‘Bayhoppers’ and they run seven days a week and on public holidays, except Christmas Day.

If you are wanting more information about bus stops in the city centre (including the stops on Durham Street right outside Baycourt), it’s worth checking out the Kōrero Mai – Let’s Talk Tauranga! website. The Baybus website also offers the handy Journey Planner tool which is a super simple way to plan your next bus ride into Baycourt.


If you prefer travelling around Tauranga on two wheels instead of four, we've got you covered with three bicycle racks (space for up to six bikes) on our front lawn.