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31 Mar
23 Nov
Arts on tour NZ
31 March to 23 November

Baycourt Presents is bringing seven Arts On Tour NZ  Read more

28 April

The French horn is visually glamorous, sublime to listen to, and demanding of a performer with supremely polished skill.   Read more

Carl Barron: Drinking with a fork
29 April

After making over 300,000 people laugh on his last tour, Carl returns at his brilliant best with his brand new show. Be there for a night where Carl blends structure with chance, or as he likes to call it – drinking with a fork. Age restriction: 15+  Read more

Heath Franklin's Chopper - Bogan Jesus
01 May

The world’s had religion ever since God was in nappies, & what have we got to show for it: wars, terrorist attacks & Christian rock. It's time religion took a look at itself, so Chopper’s starting his own, in his own image, & giving hell to the almighty.  Read more

Moscow Ballet 'La Classique' – The Nutcracker
02 May

This romantic tale with its blend of magic and realism brings to life the popular Tchaikovsky score featuring the famous “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” and “The Waltz of the Flowers.”   Read more

09 May
12 May
Beauty and the Beast
09 May to 12 May

The well-known tale of Beauty & the Beast is magically bought to life by Tauranga Girls’ & Tauranga Boys’ Colleges. With stunning set & costumes, extravagant dance numbers & well known songs this magical production will be a favourite for young & old.  Read more

Villani Piano Quartet
16 May

The Villani Piano Quartet is bringing an exciting programme of romantic music featuring Beethoven, Vasks and Brahms to Baycourt Theatre for two performances on Wednesday 16 May.  Read more

23 May
26 May
23 May to 26 May

Little orphan Annie charms everyone’s hearts as she searches for her parents who abandoned her at an orphanage.  Read more

29 May
30 May
The Ten Tenors - wish you were here
29 May to 30 May

The TEN Tenors are undoubtedly one of Australia’s greatest entertainment success stories, with more than 90 million people worldwide witnessing their unmistakable charm, camaraderie and vocal power.  Read more

The Jazz Gala 2018
31 May

Direct from the USA, Robben Ford and Lydia Pense join the Rodger Fox Big Band for an evening of Jazz, Blues and Rock music. Joined by special guests and Califorrnia State University, Northridge Big Band musical directior, Matt Harris.  Read more

01 Jun
04 Jun
Escape 2018!
01 June to 04 June

Escape 2018! is a little festival with big ideas bringing the community together and the city alive during Queen’s Birthday Weekend, June 1-4.  Read more

Escape - The New Zealand Project
01 June

Max Harris book The New Zealand Project aims to ignite discussion about how this country might move into a positive future. Max invites disagreement and in his book challenges people to come up with their own New Zealand Project.  Read more

Escape - Te Araroa
01 June

Lace up your walking shoes and join Geoff Chapple, journalist and founder of Te Araroa Walkway of NZ, for the illustrated story of how the 3000km route came into being.   Read more

Escape - Land of Opportunity
02 June

Who do we want to be as people and as a nation, what are the hurdles we have to overcome to achieve a better, fairer country and how do we clear them – and is there even only one kind of New Zealand and one kind of New Zealander?  Read more

02 Jun
03 Jun
Escape - My Best Dead Friend
02 June to 03 June

A joyful comedy from a heavy heart. My Best Dead Friend is a one-woman show based on real life events which follows Anya and her four best friends - a group of rebel geeks recently emancipated from the torturous shackles of high school.  Read more

Escape - The Complete Kai
02 June

Meet Monique Fiso – the dynamic young New Zealand-born chef with Michelin-star experience who is championing sophisticated food using Maori cooking techniques and native ingredients. She talks to Allyson Gofton.  Read more

Escape - Drawn Out
02 June

Columnist, cartoonist, playwright, screenwriter, life member of Parliament’s Press Gallery and ONZM Tom Scott talks to Guyon Espiner about his life so far.  Read more

Escape - On the Barricades
02 June

Activist, former Green MP and mother of five Sue Bradford talks to Geoff Chapple about her life and why protest matters.  Read more

Escape - Stroppy Women
02 June

Leading New Zealand women Sue Bradford, Mary Dillon, and Paula Morris talk to Michele A’Court about what gets their goat. All the women have lived at least a part of their life in the public eye and will discuss the difficulties of doing so.  Read more

Escape - Beyond the Visual
02 June

Join award-winning novelist and non-fiction writer Laurence Fearnley for a 3-hour workshop to explore ways in which sight, sound, touch, smell and taste can add richness and detail to your work.  Read more

Escape - Oral Poetry & Totems
03 June

Using foot-high totems of New Zealand historical figures, best-selling poet Glenn Colquhoun explores Maori and Pakeha oral poetic forms, inspired by the likes of Robbie Burns and Te Rauparaha.  Read more

Escape - Scents of a Landscape
03 June

Award-winning novelist Laurence Fearnley and Harold Jones, poet and co-founder of Queenstown Natural Perfumiers, talk to Geoff Chapple about using New Zealand’s landscapes as inspiration in the act of creating.  Read more

Escape - How we met
03 June

Realising all conversations with couples lead to ‘how did you meet’, comedian and author Michele A’Court has collected relationship stories. With Paula Morris, she will discuss the roles neuroscience and psychology has in relationships.  Read more

Escape - Creative Sparks
03 June

Assisted by Tauranga Museum staff, our five panellists each chose an object from the Tauranga Museum collection to ‘talk to’, a conversation that sparked the work you’re about to experience.  Read more

Escape - Things That Matter
03 June

Emma Espiner talks to Glenn Colquhoun and David Galler, who helped create an online space for medical professionals to share their experiences, about the language of caring and how working with people constantly surprises them.   Read more

Escape - How to Draw Funny
03 June

Tom Scott shares more than 40 years’ experience in this cartooning-focused workshop.  Read more

Escape - La Belle Vie
04 June

Enjoy a French-theme morning tea with Allyson Gofton, who’s twice “stepped off the wheel for a year” and taken her family to a village in a remote part of France where they immersed themselves in French daily life and seasonal traditions.   Read more

Escape - Comedy Central
04 June

Comedy theory, writing, performance and feedback with stand-up veteran and 2010 New Zealand Comedy Guild Female Comedian of the Decade Michele A’Court.  Read more

Chris Hainsworth on the Mighty Wurly
06 June

“One of New Zealand's most entertaining classical organists", Chris tours New Zealand regularly with enjoyable, informative and thought-provoking performances. Presented by: Baycourt Presents.  Read more

12 Jun
13 Jun
FreshMoves 2018 - "Because"
12 June to 13 June

BOP Dance presents “BECAUSE” the 2018 FreshMoves Dance Festival. A celebration of original dance created by Bay of Plenty primary school children to communicate their interpretation of this year’s theme BECAUSE.  Read more

19 Jun
20 Jun
He Kura E Huna Ana
19 June to 20 June

Te reo Maori play He Kura E Huna Ana is drawn from the legendary creation story of greenstone in Aotearoa.   Read more

22 Jun
23 Jun
Jekyll & Hyde
22 June to 23 June

Five hilarious performers tell the terrifying (yet sexy) tale of Jekyll & Hyde. Thrilling, charming, shockingly good comedy, we’ll make you laugh until it hurts.   Read more

Mozart & Beethoven
28 June

The NZSO presents Mozart’s captivating Bassoon Concerto, Beethoven’s joyous Symphony No. 8., Gareth Farr’s He iwi tahi tatou and Jimmy Lopez’s Fiesta!. Concert features conductor Miguuel Harth-Bedoya and NZSO Section Principal Bassoon Robert Weeks.   Read more

The Maori Sidesteps
29 June

The Maori Sidesteps are a contemporary Maori showband, putting their own political spin on well-known songs and entertaining crowds with soulful harmonies and off the cuff comedy. Presented by: Baycourt Presents.  Read more

AOTNZ - Seed
07 July

Winner of the 2014 Adam New Zealand Play Award, Seed by Elisabeth Easther follows four women as they try to get pregnant, stay pregnant or become un-pregnant - the dilemmas of modern reproduction.   Read more

Simon Trpceski plays Grieg
20 July

This NZSO concert sees the return of two great artists who individually had a big impact on audiences when they were last here in 2015 – Spanish conductor Jaime Martín and Macedonian pianist Simon Trpceski. Features works by Shostakovich and Grieg.  Read more

Jimi Jackson - Mama we made it
03 August

Jackson’s new show ‘Mama We Made It’ sees Jimi explore his childhood, weave musical interludes with his classic Kiwi humour, and a good dose of his trademark audience interaction. The show also features an opening set from DJ Sir-Vere.  Read more

AOTNZ - No Holds Bard
05 August

An outrageous and at times profound view into one actor's attempt at self destruction. Ticket price includes 30 minute Q&A with Michael Hurst after the performance.   Read more

The Bootleg Beach Boys
08 August

A fully costumed show taking you right from the very beginning of The Beach Boys.  Read more

Beethoven & Brahms
09 August

The NZSO and Maestro Edo de Waart joins forces with arguably one of the finest violinists of his generation, Grammy Award winner Augustin Hadelich, to present de Waart’s third Masterworks concert for 2018.  Read more

Richard Mapp
09 September

Well-known pianist Richard Mapp has played many times for Chamber Music NZ, performed with the major orchestras of the world and many groups and soloists. Richard’s programme will include pieces by Bach, Kenneth Young, Schubert, Chopin, Messiaen & Brahms  Read more

Song for nobodies
09 September

Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, Edith Piaf, Billie Holiday & Maria Callas touch the lives of 5 every-day women resulting in stories of life-changing encounters. The singer has her story & the listener hers, & should these touch each other, there can be magic.  Read more

Classical Hits
13 September

NZSO Associate Conductor Hamish McKeich leads the orchestra on a country-wide tour, presenting a Classical Hits programme for the whole family. Featuring works by Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Gillian Whitehead, Debussy, and Tchaikovsky.  Read more

Postmodern Jukebox
02 October

New Zealand loves Postmodern Jukebox! Following three successful tours in as many years, the multi-talented collective will bring their re-imagined contemporary pop, rock and R&B hits in the style of various yesteryears to eagerly awaiting fans in 2018.  Read more

AOTNZ - Adam McGrath and the Roaring Days
10 October

Adam with The Eastern has played everywhere from Timaru to Nashville and beyond. Throwing down on theatre stages, street corners pubs and living rooms, he treats every show as the best one yet.   Read more

09 Nov
10 Nov
A Russian Triple Bill
09 November to 10 November

The Imperial Russian Ballet Company return to New Zealand with A Russian Triple Bill. This is the first time that the company have brought this stunning programme to NZ.   Read more

AOTNZ - Seven Deadly Stunts
23 November

Chainsaw juggling, walking on broken glass and other famous feats are performed along with the stories of how they came to be.   Read more

AOTNZ - The Messy Magic Adventure
23 November

Circus, slapstick & magic combine in this special adventure for primary school aged children & families. Fantastical fun, with waterproof ponchos provided for those in the front row.  Read more

The Abba Show – ABBAsolutely fABBAulous
17 December

Far from being “just another cover band” The ABBA Show is a full-scale theatrical production featuring over 2 hours of live music, replica costumes, theatrical lighting/effects and all the dancing an ABBA fan can handle.  Read more